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Technical Area

  • Mobile app updates will be automatically notified and available on AppStore and PlayStore, while product firmware updates will be notified via app and executable through the dedicated App “The Meter – Doctor” on the relevant stores.

  • The Meter, with its dual detection system, captures most surfaces. Transparent or reflective surfaces could give more problems.

  • CUBE PRO acquires one point every 0.225 degrees, for a total of 1,600 points up to 60 meters away.

    Cube 2 acquires one point every 0.1125 degrees, for a total of 3200 points up to 60 meters away.

  • The file that is generated is a multilayer .DXF, with the addition of 3 levels of simplification, suitable and editable by all drawing programs. To download an example of a .dxf survey go to Support – Documentation – Technical – Survey Examples section.

  • Ther Meter devices, in Cube Pro and Cube 2 versions, in automatic mode and using the transparent laser, reach a maximum range of 60 meters, which doubles by placing the device in the center of the room.

  • The Meter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor space surveying.

  • No, in the presence of obstacles, in automatic mode, simply place the device at the next position, so that it can detect the points that have remained hidden.

    In manual mode, individual points of interest can be captured, avoiding any obstacles.

  • Certainly. With the tripod screw, side bubble, and accelerometer for alignment, The Meter can be placed vertically to measure the section.

  • Measurements are saved on the Application in the Projects menu, using available space on your smarthphone or tablet.

  • Thanks to the multiscan function The Meter connects multiple rooms. Watch the video on YouTube or download our guides

  • Of course! In automatic mode you can insert Markers to the floor plan and any comments, which will be inserted into the .dxf file in a dedicated layer called “Markers”. Choose the one that best meets your needs!

  • Yes! Once the survey has been carried out in automatic mode, photographic documentation can be created to support the work. Choose the points in the survey that you want to enrich with images and take photos (via the Marker section) . Choose the survey export mode.
    1. Classic: surveys will be exported in DXF classic format.
    2. Classic + Images: both the surveys in DXF format and the images taken will be exported to a single zip file
    3. NextGen: surveys in DXF format with the images taken inside will be exported to a single zip file

  • Performance depends on the CAD program used and the version. In case your CAD does not support images within the .dxf, you can export the file in the “Classic + Images” mode that we developed to give you the possibility to have the images within the zipper file with a reference name indicating the location within the .dxf.

Administrative Area

  • Of course! Each user will be able to download and access their own App containing their files and using a single The Meter device shared with the office.

  • For private, the warranty for manufacturing defects has an expected duration of 2 years, while for companies/vat it is 12 months.

  • The Meter’s products are in ready delivery. Purchase orders are processed within 1/2 business days after payment is credited/received.

  • It is possible to make payment via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

  • Send us a request via The Meter Doctor App or through the website in the Support section.

Commercial Area

  • Yes! Contact us and we will present our offerings.

  • Certainly: we rely on the installment system offered by PayPal (the total amount of the order must not exceed the maximum limit imposed by the provider of 2000€ including VAT) for anyone with a PayPal account.

  • “You can have a demo of The Meter’s products at our Genoa office or at a showroom in Milan. Find out more in the “About Us” section. As well as during the fairs and events we participate in! Follow us on social to stay updated! “

  • Yes: it is possible to purchase The Meter products worldwide. Price, shipping time, and customs costs may vary by country.

  • No, the Application and its updates are free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play. There is no need for monthly subscriptions.

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