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Here you will find all the practical guides related to The Meter products
Guides: modes, devices, applications.

Mode guide

Automatic mode.

Position the device in the optimal position for the measurement and connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and start measuring: the device will analyse the space in 360° and produce a detailed plan/section directly on your screen.

Manual mode.

You choose what you want to measure: place the laser pointer on the first point to be detected and decide which points to join next, using the movement buttons
Manage the floor plan at any time and choose whether to share it or store it on your smartphone or tablet.

Distance meter mode.

Using the instrument as a distance meter is simple and intuitive: simply activate this mode from the APP and press the side button on the device to take the measurement.

Real-time mode.

The instrument also functions as a continuous distance meter: start a continuous measurement using the play button on the app. The measured data will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet and updated continuously, in real time.

Device Guide


In this guide, all cases of LED notifications of The Meter devices are described.
In addition, all the useful steps to carry out compass calibration of the device are given.

Application Guide


With The Meter App, you can manage your devices conveniently from multiple smartphones or tablets, without the need for subscriptions. Through Bluetooth, the device is able to work even in the absence of an Internet connection .
Read the guide to find out how to use “The Meter” and “The Meter Doctor” App.

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