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About Us

We are a Genoese company active in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Design and Research.

We combine the experience of the past with a vision projected into the future.


An idea made of experience

Officine IADR was born from a Genoese engineering studio founded in the late 1980s. Founded as a startup in 2014, the company aims to think, develop and produce ideas and services in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Design and Research.

The idea for THE METER came from the Architect team’s on-site experience: to develop a tool to simplify, speed up and digitise measurements.

From here began an interesting study to create a device that wanted to take its place between the classic distance meter and the much more complex laser scanners and be at the same time elegant and design.



Driving digital transformation in the world of space design and measurement.



Making internal and external space measurements automated, digital, fast and easy with a products that combines technological innovation, user experience design and IoT to best suit the needs of Customers.


The company

In 2022 THE METER from a research project of OfficineIADR becomes an innovative start-up.

THE METER’s core business is the creation of IoT tools and high-tech services for mapping, capturing and digitizing data and measurements usable in real time.

All phases are fully taken care of and managed by the company’s teams: from the design of the electronic and mechanical components to the development of the App and algorithms for analysis, processing and digitization; from production to the marketing of the products and services.


Tel. +39 010 24 73 385


Salita di San Matteo 19, 16123 Genoa, Italy
Via Rosolino Pilo 12, 20121 Milan, Italy


Via Gaetano Giardino 3, Milan

Salita di San Matteo 19, Genoa

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